Monday, 10 December 2012

Textures blurry or not rezzing on rigged mesh 2

In the past, it happened that some of my rigged mesh releases somehow showed no texture or a blurry texture when worn. This happened to everyone, myself included. When I clicked the mesh and went to the texture tab, the clothing’s mesh texture would rezz. But, when I logged off and logged back in, the texture would be blurry again.

I work with Blender 2.49 and when I upload meshes into Second Life they are imported very tiny, (the size script is not working for me and I do not like the Interface of Blender 2.60). Some of the meshes that I did rezz and sized up manually inworld would have better working flow. Those I didn’t manually resize did not.

After some time, I figured that the texture rezz issue occurred only on the items that were not manually resized inworld from the tiny meshes. After I rezzed them, resized them, logged out and logged back inworld the texture was there. The problem was not only fixed for me but also the customers.

As it seems tiny mesh prims do have a serious texture problem.


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